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Challenges associated with the changing nature of work and workplace environments necessitates skilled, knowledgeable workforces with employees who are adaptive, flexible and focused on the future.

TZM Services was established in 2007. We are passionate about people and we believe that we are capable of providing an integrated Technical, Occupational Health, Safety and consulting solution to support rapid changes of a sustainable nature.

We are costumer focused with a consultative approach to transform learning and training challenges into DYNAMIC business positives.

Our training initiatives and inputs are tailor-made to address our clients' business challenges by delivering more than just training. We guarantee a return on your investment and ensure that our training delivers real business outcomes for the perfect business balance.

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TZM Services explore human talent through best practices and innovative methods. We render multiple services that promotes safety of employees, work environments and production that is cost efficient and sustainable. We are dedicated to play an active role towards the achievement of our clients' business goals through quality training interventions.



To become the leading service provider of human development in the Technical, Occupational Health and Safety spheres in Africa.



We believe that the rich learning experiences our programmes offer can effect powerful and positive transformation in individuals, in their behaviour, in their communities and in their performance in the workplace. We work with clients, learners and authorities. This is done with integrity, trust, honesty, reliability and in an atmosphere of mutual respect, organized collaboration and fun.

Private students seeking a High Voltage qualification

High Voltage qualification

Accreditation Status

We are accredited by the Energy and Water Sector Education and Training Authority.

EWSETA Accreditation number:

Certificate number:

Our course selection is approved by Eskom, Local Municipalities and various Mining Groups.

EWSETA Certificate

Training Offered

All training is supported with high quality materials, designed and written to address the needs of each client.

Real life situations are used in case studies to illustrate immediate practical applications, making skills development as natural, beneficial and as useful as possible.

TZM Services - Training Courses

Our current course selection include the following


  • ORHVS - HVO 04 (AP)
  • ORHVS - HVO 02 (RP)
  • ORHVS - HVO 3a, b or c (Specific authorizations)
  • Rewrites (Not yet competent candidates from training and Recertification of candidates)
  • Recognition of prior learning
  • Basic Risk Assessment (Based on customer format)
  • Introduction to the High Voltage Environment (CATO 006)
  • Supervision (ELW 001)
  • Equipotential Zone (OL2 002)
  • On the Job Observation
  • Ladder Safety and Usage
  • Basic Rigging
  • Fall Arrest System & Rescue
  • Fire Fighting

Course Selection

  • Basic Hand Tools
  • Battery Maintenance
  • Pre-paid Metering
  • LV and MV Line Construction
  • Basic Electricity/Electrical Theory
  • First Aid NQF Level 2
  • SHE Representative
  • Crimping & Clamping
  • Basic Power System Protection
  • Electrical Test Instruments
  • Phasing (110V up to and including 132kV)
  • Operating on MV and HV Networks
  • Low Voltage Operating and Fault-finding
  • Vehicle Mounted Crane (Up to 6000 kg)

Other Services

  • ORHVS Compliance Audits
  • ORHVS Authorization Assessments
  • On the Job Training
  • Consultation for Post Incident Occurrence
  • Assistance with Compiling of Portfolios of Evidence
  • Topic specific Safety/ORHVS Presentation during Monthly Safety Meetings

What our clients say?

Principles and Believes

Training initiatives are customer focused and are customized in such a manner that standards set by Training Authorities are maintained. Employees are human assets that should be valued and developed continuously.

Personal development and learning will only occur when two critical elements are simultaneously present namely: the individual's desire or need to gain knowledge AND when an opportunity for knowledge to be conveyed exists.

By the use of a variety of training techniques we ensure that training is fun, whilst being insightful, different and practical with long-term results. Training providers play an active role to ensure a mutual beneficial situation for clients and their employees as: employees with upgraded skills will be working to their full potential and will be equipped to deal with the changing demands of the workplace. It positively contributes towards employees' morale, career satisfaction, creativity and motivation. It further increases productivity and responsiveness in meetings and achievement of company objectives.

The Team

Long term business relationships with clients provides us with an opportunity to play an active role in the career development of their workforces. We assist with practical problem resolution within our field of expertise.

Phenominal Team

Phenomenal Team

The fact that our team displays great diversity in terms of competence and experience gives us access to a world of different ideas and p erspectives. Each team member brings to the table personal attributes, competencies, skills and knowledge which was gained during many years of exposure in the energy industry. Only qualified and registered facilitators, assessors and moderators are utilised.

Geographical Footprint

Geographic Footprint

We are operating from eMalahleni, Mpumalanga, South Africa which is ideally situated to serve our main markets in South Africa and to attend to our clients in Maputo, Swaziland and Uganda. We present training at our facilities in eMalahleni but our flexible delivery model caters for a substantial amount of training to be presented on-site.

Martin Scheepers
Thandi Magida
Gert Nienaber

Associated Companies

  • Bombardier


    Operating and Maintenance Contractor –Gautrain. World's leading manufacturer of both planes and trains. Everywhere people travel by land and in the air, a Bombardier product is ready to transport them

  • Eskom

    Eskom (Transmission and Distribution)

    Eskom is a South African electricity public utility, established in 1923 as the Electricity Supply Commission by the government of South Africa in terms of the Electricity Act.

  • Local Municipalities

  • Motraco


    3 Way Transmission Contractor – South Africa, Mozambique and Swaziland. Smaller regional grids are controlled by the Ministry of Energy, through district governmental bodies. Mozambique Transmission Company (MoTraCo) imports power from South Africa to operate the Mozal aluminium smelter at Maputo. MoTraCo is jointly owned by EDM, Eskom and Swaziland Electricity Board

  • Congo

    CONCO (Electric Utility Company)

  • Kelman Africa Distributors

    Kelman Distributors Africa Pty Limited company research & investing information

  • Optic 1 Power-lines

    Optic 1 Powerlines

    Powerline contractors, an international power infrastructure and fibre communications solutions provided.

  • ThosBegbie

    Thos Begbie (Engineering)

    Thos Begbie & Company is situated in the Republic of South Africa in the heavy industrial hub of Middelburg, in the Mpumalanga Province and has been serving the mining and smelting-related industries for over 120 years. Originally established in 1887 in Johannesburg as a foundry and engineering business serving the mining industry, the business was relocated to Middelburg in 1906.

  • ABB South Africa - Electricity generation

    ABB is a global leader in power and automation technologies. Our solutions improve the efficiency, productivity and quality of our customers’ operations while minimizing environmental impact. Innovation is at the forefront of what we do and many of the technologies that drive modern society were pioneered by ABB.

  • Rotek

    Rotek SOC Ltd

    Rotek Industries SOC Limited and Roshcon SOC Limited. Rotek SOC Limited and Roshcon SOC Limited are wholly owned subsidiaries of Eskom and strive to live up to its new vision to become for Eskom a world-class energy industry support service company

  • Umeme

    Uganda Electricity Distribution Company (UMEME)

    Umeme is an energy distribution network company in Uganda. The shares of the stock of the company are listed on the Uganda Securities Exchange (USE) and are cross listed on the Nairobi Stock Exchange (NSE).

  • BHP Billiton (Mining group)

    BHP Billiton is an Anglo-Australian multinational mining, metals and petroleum company headquartered in Perth, Australia. It is the world's largest mining company measured by 2013 revenues

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